River Tubing

THIS is the life. Does your idea of summer recreation include enjoying the local wildlife, sharing the day with your friends and family, water lapping at your feet? We get it.

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Blue Toque Sport

Lewis Park

Condensory Bridge

Puntledge Park

Takeout Options

1. Puntledge Park – Approx ½ hr float (20 minutes walk back to Blue Toque)

2. Condensory Bridge – Approx 45 minutes float (5 min back to Blue Toque) 

3. Lewis Park – Super slow chill part of the river – Approx 1.25hr float ( 2 minutes walk back to Bue Toque)

Smart Tube Purchase

We strongly believe that if you make a smart tube purchase once, it will keep heaps of abandoned budget tubes off the banks of our beautiful Puntledge river. 

Our Tubes are ordered from a Canadian company Tube Pro, industrial grade and very high quality. Over the past years, we have sold and rented hundreds with only a couple of punctures due to poor navigation into a sharp pokey object! They do, however, come with a patch kit.

Leave a Bike locked up at Blue Toque Sports to bike up and get your vehicle after your epic floating experience, or call a local cab at 250-339-7955 or a buddy to bring you back to your car.

Suggested to bring

Please always leave our River better than when you came. 

Pick up some trash - Give a high five. 

Good vibes will come back to you x10!

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